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Who is a mentor?

I love keeping explanations simple and straight to the point. A mentor is no more than a person just like you who is reading the article. Now, you must be wondering why would you want to get assistance from someone who is no more superior to you?

A very well said quote which must have cleared some cloud for you. If not, feel free to continue reading-

A mentor could be any individual from whom you would like to learn. The skills could range from athletics to studying or even learn zipping the right way if you live close to the Alps. A school degree has always given humans all that they needed – knowledge, a 9 to 5 job, friends and maybe even love in certain cases. Its time we think beyond.

A very common myth is that 98% of the things we learn in school are worthless. Unfortunately, that is not true. Schools have always strived to give us a platform to discover what we love doing though some might want to debate over this. Once out of school many discover that they are not specifically skilled at what they do which was accepted for a long time and is no longer the trend.

Millennials have strived to be as zealous as possible for any job that they apply for which has forced universities across the world to formulate certain degrees targeting a narrow scope of designations. You may not be able to afford a college degree every time you would want to specialize neither would you want to swift through pre-recorded videos. All of these options have always lacked the personal touch and attention people need whereas mentoring provides medicine to this problem.

“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am.”


Getting coached or mentored by someone who has excelled in the field you are looking to learn sounds amazing but, it may not be always possible to find one. This is exactly what Mentor Pro is here to solve for you and we have reconceptualized the way mentoring is provided. Doing is better than knowing, come on board and see the magic happen yourself!

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