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Getting timely help this pandemic

This ain’t the first time that our world has been impeded with a pandemic. There have been epidemics happen before and people have never lost hope since there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If you are someone who has been largely affected by the current happenings, this is the right place for you.

Many of us weren’t even born when the world’s biggest epidemic – Spanish Flu decided to turn the world upside down. The situation today is a much better one. The economy doesn’t have to stop, medical facilities are much better today and of course connectivity is better than ever. But, is the human mind and heard immune to fear?

“Only way to do our best work right now, is to work well together”

Tim Carl

I believe otherwise. We are never well off just by ourselves and it is always a good idea to find someone to share our thoughts and have our myths busted while looking at the best logical paths to take at an uncertain time. You must be wondering what these myths are or the logical paths are? – read on to find more.

A doctor blogger – Kevin took out some time to identify the most common myths his patients are plagued with regards to Coronavirus epidemic:

The coronavirus is comparable to seasonal influenza 

Social distancing doesn’t apply to young and healthy individuals

The problem will go away as soon as we have a vaccine 

People don’t need to be tested unless they’re very sick 

When scientists say “we don’t know …” it means things are worse than we thought 

and more..

Dangerous Myths about Covid 19

These are just frightening enough to set off the panic alarms. Well, there is a good reason to not panic anymore because we have some of the best minds join us in this endeavour to put an end to all our problems and questions. How does this work?

All you need to do is to fill up the form and let us know the kind of assistance you are looking for while our team will be able to connect you with physicians/ consultants/ virologists to help you fight the epidemic and get over the rock.

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