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MentorPro focuses on redefining learning through mentorship.

We believe learning is NOT always through textbooks, tutors, and assignments. MentorPro believes in experiential learning, guidance, sharing stories. From ancient times, we learned through networking and nurturing relationships.

We are here to normalize mentoring which was until now considered as a semi-charitable association between mentor and mentee. We are making it more approachable and available and not just limited to an organization or a university.

Our Team



Head - Marketing

Dhanush has a dual master’s from James cook Singapore. Having worked for big-ticket clients in Asia and Europe, he is an expert in top funnel advertising. Dhanush is a cricket and travel enthusiast and has travelled over 42 counties. He doesn’t leave a stone unturned if challenged, beware.



Head - Product

Naveen being an IIM passout, eats and sleeps product. He is an expert in building roadmaps and executing them. Having lived all over India he comes with an experienc that is unmatchable. If we say Naveen is a workoholic, we wouldn’t be wrong.


Raja Shashidhar

Head - Relationships

Shashidhar has over two decades of working as an IT Consultant and has experience closing multi million dollar deals for many IT companies. Shashidhar has a funny bone like no other; while he enjoys good music, he is a exceptional speaker and a wonderful mentor too.



Program Manager

Meghana holding a commerce degree has experience working in multiple corporate sectors. Meghana says learning is a life long process and mentoring has been one of her way of learning. She loves spending time with friends and singing and dancing. Meghana is a KFC lover, she will fight you for a KFC meal if required.


Software Engineer

Bharath is a senior software engineer who can turn thoughts into things. He is focused, self-driven, and hard-working. Bharat doesn’t sleep until he solves all the problems, he is the best multi tasker we know. He is a foodie, loves riding bikes and enjoys road trips.



Human Resource Manager

Ashwin comes from HR and training background, his expertise is engaging people and closing deals. Having a master degree from an Australian university, Ashwin is on a mission to recruit the best force for mentor pro. Ashwin is a rapper and might challenge you for a rap battle if given a chance.



Communications Manager

Sruthi has a masters in computer applications and a degree in marketing. Having worked for US and Canadian markets she is now trying her hands on the global market with Mentor Pro. When not working, she enjoys listening to family and friends, writing, dancing, and making people laugh.



Growth Hacker

Vignesh, an engineer by profession, is passionate about product development and growth hacking. He has the attention to details like no other and guides members across teams with his knowledge and skills. Vignesh is an avid cricket player and has a sharp interest in the stock market.



Business Analyst

Reshma has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering. As a Business Analyst, she turns our vision into reality by creating a roadmap to deliver results. Fun fact: In her pastime, she loves to read, travel, and learn new technologies.



Content Specialist

Raghavendra, a mechanical engineer who found his passion for writing. He is specialized in writing copy content, blogs, and news articles. Fun fact: He is a vegan, dog lover, and a biker at heart.



Software Engineer

Kaushik, an engineer by profession passionate about backend development and cloud computing. He deep-dives into the systems and surfaces with solutions and identifies bugs like no other. Kaushik is a quick learner and is interested in new technologies; He loves to travel and explore new places.




Shreyas is an advocate of mentorship ever since his first mentoring experience. He says mentoring helped him in ways educations did not, his vision is to make mentoring a part of the education system and make available to anyone in any capacity.

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